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Tour Fraser Island from Hervey Bay

1, 2 and 3 day 4WD Guided Tours

See Fraser Island on an Affordable Guided Tour

Fraser Island is a world class holiday destination. The islands natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and relaxed atmosphere make it a must see destination while visiting Australia. Our tours have been carefully designed to provide all of our guests with a genuine Fraser Island experience. We believe there is much more to Fraser Island than simply sitting in a vehicle taking pictures. All of our tour guides are local to the area and have a passion for conveying to our guests the true character of Fraser Island. We want our guests to be able to appreciate why Fraser Island is considered to be such a special place by people living all around Australia.

Fraser Island Day Tour

Eli Creek
The magical waters of Eli Creek
1 day Tour

Fraser Island 2 Day Beach Camp

Giant Satinay
2 day Tour
Lake McKenzie
Lake McKenzie