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Our Camp

Our Dilli Village campsite is located on the beautiful 75 Mile beach of Fraser Island and offers guests a convenient and comfortable stay while on the Island. Our camping facilities are some of the best on Fraser Island.

dilli water hole
Dilli Village Freshwater Lake

We also have access to our own private Freshwater lake which is only a 2 minute walk from the main camping facilities. The lake is safe and perfect for an evening moonlight swim or to relax in the afternoon after a day touring the island.

Accommodation options

Our campsite gives guests the opportunity to choose between a range of accommodation options including camping, national park rooms and national park cabins. Our facilities are all centrally located within the campgrounds just a short distance away from our main dining area and fireplace. This means that all groups remain together for the duration of the tour regardless of individual accommodation preferences.


National Park Room

National Park Cabin

eli creek group
Relaxing in Eli Creek